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SLAM International has over 18 years in high speed imaging in the manufacturing, engineering, scientific, R & D, military, medical, veterinary, automotive and packaging industries. We can provide you with the products and services to solve your problems and improve your processes, increase production, save design time, optimize test time and decrease engineering costs. In manufacturing, you can improve up-time while decreasing your troubleshooting costs, engineering efforts and test times.

Our software packages utilize images from your cameras or ours to analyze motion, visualize fluid, vapor and gas flows.  You can complete your research projects or detect hard to find problems. We have Match ID software tools that utilize DIC (Digital Image Correlation) to test, design and improve products and materials. We use VFM (Virtual Fields Method) to identify and characterize material mechanical parameters. We can also validate Finite Element (FE) simulations and compare these Finite Element (FE) models with actual Digital Image Correlation (DIC) test results.

Our Ditect and iX (iSpeed) high speed and high resolution cameras capture the images and information that are used with our software analysis tools.  Our InfraTec infrared cameras and systems do the same in the infrared spectrum.  These tools allow us to provide a complete solution customized to solve your problems or aid in your research or development work.  Use these tools to visualize events that occur too fast or bright for normal cameras or for the human eye to perceive.  

We also offer Cavitar laser illumination systems.  These tools illuminate events that are difficult or impossible to otherwise capture because of high speed or excessive light.  Some examples are various type of welding processes, Schlieren imaging, PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry), ballistics tests (with minimal image blur) or the mixing of similar flows (fluids, gases or vapors) that are virtually invisible and nearly impossible to capture. 



Some of our products

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Match id software

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Cavitar lasers

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ditect cameras

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Ditect Software

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IX Ultra High Speed Cameras


InfraTec Infrared Systems


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