Ditect Software


DIPP-Motion V

Full Spec Motion Analysis s/w in 2D or 2D/3D versions.

Available in 2D (X,Y Coordinates) or 3D software (X,Y & X,Y,Z Coordinates)

  • Image input, tracking, calibration & analysis functions in a user friendly GUI

  • Normalized cross correlation (pattern match), binarization grayscale, Binarization HLS, Checker Marker (for Automatic or Modify), Digitize (Manual)

  • Unlimited Max tracking points, unlimited Max tracking frames

  • Lens distortion correction - Multi-plane correction with Z.Zhang model

  • Automotive, bio studies, sports science, physics, manufacturing and more



PIV - Particle Image Velocimetry s/w in 2D or 3D versions

Available in PIV 2D2C or PIV 2D3C versions utilizing PIV and PTV methods

  • Standard (direct cross-correlation), image deformation, recursive calculation methods

  • Correlation-based correction, Particle mask correlation method, correlation average

  • Analysis items - Raw vector, Invalid vector, Corrected vector, Mean vector, Instant mean vector, Ensemble correlation, Correlation coefficient, Flow lines, Vorticity, Turbulent kinetic energy, Reynolds stress, Velocity gradient tensor, Standard deviation, Velocity gradient vector



Sperm Motility Analysis System

Easy to set up & use, hi-quality Sperm Analyzer using 5 Megapixel camera

Analysis items - Numbers of motile/immotile /analyzed sperm, Concentration mil/ml,

  • Total Count (concentration x semen volume) (mil), Motility rate %, Motile concentration (mil/ml) and motile count (mil), Straight-line velocity VSL (μm/sec), Curvilinear velocity VCL (μm/sec), Average path velocity VAP (μm/sec), LinearityLIN (VSL/VCL), Straightness STR (VSL/VAP), Amplitude of lateral head displacement ALH (μm), Beat-cross Frequency BCF (Hz)