SLAM International



Who we are

Slam International is a provider of high speed imaging products, software solutions and services that enable YOU, our clients, to see what escapes the eye.  Most of our customers use our products to troubleshoot problems, to design or to develop new products, to improve existing products, to train their customers and staff or to better communicate.


What we offer

  • Ditect and iX High Speed Digital Cameras 

  • Ditect flow and motion software solutions.

  • Match ID DIC (Digital Image Correlation) software

  • Match ID software for comparing Finite Element with DIC test results

  • Match ID VFM (Virtual Field Method) for material parameter identification 

  • Cavitar illumination Lasers for welding, PIV, ballistics and visibility

  • Infra-tec infrared high resolution, high speed infrared cameras and solutions 

  • High speed imaging accessories

  • Engineering, video recording and troubleshooting services

  • Custom solutions, services and training